14 May, 2013

Orthodox Western Saints for Today

Pre-Schism Saints of the Orthodox Roman Patriarchate*
14th May, (1st May O.S.):

  • ACIUS (ACHE) AND ACEOLUS (ACHEUL), Acius, a deacon, and Aceolus, a subdeacon, were martyred near Amiens under Diocletian circa 303.
  • AMATOR (AMATRE, AMADOUR), the Bishop of Auxerre from 388 until his repose in 418.   After their wedding, he and his wife (venerated locally as St. Martha), mutually agreed to live together as brother and sister, with St. Amator entering holy orders and St. Martha entering a convent.   St. Amator ordained St. Germanus (31st July) to the priesthood, who then succeeded him as Bishop, as well as writing the Life of this Saint.
  • ANDEOLUS, a subdeacon from Smyrna who was sent to Gaul by St. Polycarp (23rd Feb).   He is said to have been martyred near Viviers on the Rhône in 208.
  • ARIGIUS, after earning a reputation as a great (priest) pastor, he served as Bishop of Gap for twenty years, reposing in 604.
  • ASAPH, (circa 600.) one of St. Kentigern's (13th January) monks in the north of Wales.   It is believed that he succeeded St. Kentigern as abbot and bishop, leaving his own name to the see of St. Asaph’s in present-day Clwyd.
  • BENEDICT OF SZKALKA, an anchorite, renowned for his asceticism, on Mount Zobor in present-day Hungary.   He was a disciple of St. Andrew Zorard (17th July), and was murdered by robbers in 1012.
  • BERTHA, the foundress of Avenay in Normandy, she reposed circa 680 and is honoured as a martyr.
  • BRIEUC (BRIOCUS, BRIOC), a native of Dyfed in Wales, who went to Brittany where he founded two monasteries, one near Tréguier and the other in what is now St. Brieuc.   He is also venerated in Cornwall.   St. Brieuc reposed in 510.
  • CEALLACH (KELLACH), (Sixth century.) a disciple of St. Kieran of Clonmacnoise (9th September), who became Bishop of Killala in Ireland.   He ended his life as a hermit and may have been martyred.
  • COMINUS, (Date uncertain.) a martyr in Catania in Sicily.
  • EVERMARUS, a pilgrim who was murdered by robbers in Rousson near Tongres circa 700.
  • GRATA, (fourth or eighth century.) a holy woman from Bergamo who dedicated herself to securing Christian burial for the bodies of the martyrs.
  • MARCULF, the founder of a monastery of hermits based upon the Egyptian model in Nanteuil in Aquitaine.   He reposed in 558.
  • ORENTIUS (OR ORIENTIUS) OF AUCH, an anchorite in the Lavendan valley near Tarbes in Gaul, whom the people of Auch insisted on having for bishop.   He served as their pastor for over forty years, reposing circa 439.
  • ORENTIUS AND PATIENTIA, a husband and wife who lived at Loret near Huesca in Spain.   They reposed circa 240.   According to ancient Spanish tradition they were the parents of St. Laurence the Martyr (10th August).
  • SIGISMUND, a Vandal both by origin and by nature, he was King of the Burgundians in what is now eastern France.   He repented for his sins, giving generously to the Church and the poor.   In 523 he was murdered near the monastery of Agaunum (present-day Saint-Maurice in Valais in Switzerland), which he had built and was then honoured as a martyr.
  • THEODARD, a monk at the monastery of St. Martin in Montauriol, who served as Archbishop of Narbonne from 885 until his repose in 893.   Following his repose the monastery was re-named St. Audard after him.

* - Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church.   As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said "The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

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