14 March, 2013

Orthodox Western Saints for Today

Pre-Schism Saints of the Orthodox Roman Patriarchate*
14th March, (1st March O.S.):

  • ALBINUS (AUBIN), a native of Vannes in Brittany who became a monk and then Abbot of Tincillac, and later serving as Bishop of Angers (c 529-554), and played an important role at the third Council of Orleans (538). He reposed circa 554 and the monastery of Saint-Aubin in Angers was dedicated to him. Saint-Aubin de Moeslain (Haute Maine) is also a place of pilgrimage.
  • DAVID, the patron-saint of Wales, he was the founder of a monastery in Mynyw (Menevia) in the far west and is honoured as the first bishop of what is now called St. Davids. His monks lived a very ascetic life and their monastery became a nursery for saints. He attended the Council of Brefi circa 545. The foundation of a dozen monasteries and many miracles are attributed to him. St. David reposed circa 600 and his relics survive and are enshrined in the Cathedral.
  • FELIX II, an ancestor of St. Gregory the Great (3rd September), who was Pope of Rome from 483 until his repose in 492. He fought against Monophysitism, and Eutychianism and also remedied the damage caused to the faith in Africa by numerous apostasies during the Vandal persecution.
  • HERCULANUS, (also 7th November), a bishop of Perugia who was beheaded by soldiers of Totila of the Ostrogoths in 549.
  • HERMES, ADRIAN AND COMPANIONS, martyrs in Numidia in North Africa under Maximian Herculeus circa 290.
  • LEO LUKE, an abbot of Corleone in Sicily, who is also honoured in Calabria. He died (circa 900) a centenarian after eighty years of monastic life.
  • LEO OF ROUEN, originally from Carentan in Normandy, he became Bishop of Rouen, but later preached the Gospel in Navarre, and the Basque provinces, which had been reduced to ruin by the Saracens. He was beheaded near Bayonne in 900, where he is the patron-saint.
  • LEO, DONATUS, ABUNDANTIUS, NICEPHORUS AND COMPANIONS, a group of thirteen martyrs who gave their lives for Christ in North Africa.
  • LUPERCULUS (LUPERCUS), thought to have been a native of Spain, who was martyred under Diocletian in 300. He is especially venerated in Tarbes in France.
  • MARNOCK (MARNANUS, MARNAN, MARNOC), an Irishman who was with St. Columba (9th June) at Iona, and later became a bishop. He reposed in Annandale circa 625 and was greatly venerated on the Scottish border. He gave his name to Kilmarnock in Scotland.
  • MARTYRS OF ROME, two hundred and sixty martyrs who were condemned to dig sand on the Salarian Way in Rome, and then shot to death with arrows in the amphitheatre under Claudius II in 269.
  • MONAN, a saint from St. Andrew's, and a missionary in the Firth of Forth area in Scotland. He was killed by the Danes, in 874, together with an unknown number of companions.
  • RUDESIND (ROSENDO), a nobleman from Galicia in present-day Spain who became Bishop of Mondoñedo and then of Compostella. As bishop he opposed, with equal success, both the Vikings and the Saracens. Forced into exile from Compostella, he founded the monastery of Celanova and other monasteries, reposing in 977
  • SIVIARD, a monk at Saint-Calais on the River Anisole, who succeeded his father as abbot. He wrote the life of St. Calais (1st July), the founder of the monastery, and reposed circa 729.
  • SWITHBERT, a monk from Northumbria in England who went to Friesland with St. Willibrord (7th November) in 690 where he preached the Gospel with great success. In 693 he was consecrated bishop at Ripon and returned to preach along the right bank of the Rhine in Germany. His work there was undone by Saxon invaders and he withdrew to the small island of Kaiserswerth on the Rhine near Düsseldorf, founding a monastery, where he reposed in 713 and where his relics are still venerated.

* - Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said "The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

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