04 February, 2013

Orthodox Western Saints for Today

Pre-Schism Saints of the Orthodox Roman Patriarchate*
4th February, (22nd January O.S.):

  • BLAESILLA, a daughter of St. Paula (26th January), who was married and widowed very young. She consecrated herself to God, but died in Rome in 383 at the age of twenty.
  • BRITHWALD, a monk at Glastonbury who went on to serve as Bishop of Ramsbury in 1005. He was a great benefactor of Malmesbury and Glastonbury, where he was buried. He reposed in 1045.
  • DOMINIC OF SORA, a monk who founded several monasteries — at Scandrilia, Sora, Sangro, and elsewhere in the Naples area. He died in Sora in Campania in 1031, at the age of eighty.
  • GAUDENTIUS OF NOVARA, a priest in Ivrea near Turin who succeeded St. Laurence (30th April) as Bishop of Novara. He served as bishop for twenty years reposing in 417.
  • VINCENT OF DIGNE, a native of North Africa who succeeded St. Domninus (5th November) as Bishop of Digne, and is the main patron-saint of the town. He reposed in 380.
  • VINCENT THE DEACON, born in Huesca, he became deacon of St. Valerius (28th January) in Saragossa and was martyred in Valencia under Diocletian in 304. He has always been widely honoured. In some places he is honoured as the patron of vinedressers.
  • VINCENT, ORONTIUS AND VICTOR, Vincent and Orontius were brothers who were born in Cimiez near Nice. They preached the Gospel in the Spanish Pyrenees and were martyred with St. Victor at Puigcerda near Gerona in 305. Their relics were later translated to Embrun.

* - Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said "The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

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