25 February, 2013

Orthodox Western Saints for Today

Pre-Schism Saints of the Orthodox Roman Patriarchate*
25th February, (12th February O.S.):

  • BENEDICT REVELLI, a monk at Santa Maria dei Fonti who became a hermit on the island of Gallinaria in the Gulf of Genoa.   In A.D. 870 he was consecrated Bishop of Albengac, and reposed in A.D. 900.
  • DAMIAN, (date unknown), a martyr in Rome, whose relics were found in the catacombs of St. Callistus (15th October) and sent to Salamanca.
  • ETHILWOLD, a disciple of St. Cuthbert (20th March), he served as Abbot of Melrose in Scotland before becoming Bishop of Lindisfarne.   He reposed circa A.D. 740.
  • EULALIA (AULAIRE, AULAZIE, OLALLA) OF BARCELONA, a native of Barcelona, who was a virgin-martyr under Diocletian circa A.D. 304.
  • GAUDENTIUS OF VERONA, a bishop of Verona, who reposed circa A.D. 465.   His relics are enshrined in the ancient basilica of St. Stephen in Verona.
  • JULIAN THE HOSPITALLER, also called 'the Poor'.   According to tradition, Julian accidentally killed his own parents, and in repentance he and his wife went on pilgrimage to Rome where they built a hospice by the side of a river.   There they tended to the poor and the sick, and rowed travellers across the river.   St. Julian is venerated as the patron saint of boatmen, innkeepers and travellers.
  • MODESTUS, a Sardinian deacon martyred under Diocletian circa A.D. 304.   His relics were translated to Benevento circa A.D. 785.
  • MODESTUS, a second century martyr in Carthage in North Africa, who is venerated as the patron-saint of Cartagena in Spain.

* - Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said "The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

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