08 January, 2013

Orthodox Western Saints for Today

Pre-Schism Saints of the Orthodox Roman Patriarchate*
8th January (26th December O.S.):

  • AMAETHLU (MAETHLU), a sixth century saint who founded Llanfaethlu, a church in Anglesey in Wales, which is named after him.
  • DIONYSIUS, during his time as Pope of Rome from 259 until his repose in 268, he restored the Roman Church following the persecution of Valerian, opposed Sabellius and condemned Paul of Samosata.
  • MARINUS, the son of a senator in Rome, who was martyred by beheading under Numerian in 283.
  • TATHAI (TATHAN, TATHAEUS, ATHAEUS), an early sixth century hermit who settled in Glamorgan in Wales where he founded a monastery called St Athan's.
  • THEODORE THE SACRIST, a sixth century holy man and contemporary of St. Gregory the Great (3rd September) in Rome.
  • ZOSIMUS, a Greek who was Pope of Rome from March 417 until his repose in December 418.

* - Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said "The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

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