19 December, 2012

Orthodox Western Saints for Today

Pre-Schism Saints of the Orthodox Roman Patriarchate*
19th December (6th December O.S.):

  • ASELLA, 'A flower of the Lord', she became a nun in Rome at the age of ten and then lived for many years until she became abbess, 'the mother of many virgins', reposing circa 406.
  • AUXILIUS, ISSERNINUS AND SECUNDINUS, fifth century workers with St. Patrick (17th March) in the enlightenment of Ireland.
  • DIONYSIA, DATIVA, LEONTIA, TERTIUS, EMILIAN, BONIFACE AND COMPANIONS, martyred in 484 in North Africa under the Arian Vandal Hunneric. Dionysia, a widow, died at the stake with her little child, Majoricus, and her sister Dativa. Emilian, a doctor, and Tertius, a monk, were flayed alive. The others met with terrible deaths as well.
  • GERTRUDE THE ELDER, a widow who founded and was the first Abbess of Hamaye (Hamay, Hamage) near Douai, she reposed in 649.
  • MAJORICUS, Son of St. Dionysia (26th October), who encouraged him to suffer martyrdom and buried him in her own house. The martyrdom took place in North Africa under the Arian Hunneric the Vandal in 484.

* - Prior to the Schism the Patriarchate of Rome was Orthodox and fully in communion with the Orthodox Church. As Saint John of Shanghai and San Francisco +1966 said "The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable Liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

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